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Hi All,


I'll have a 6 hours connection in Madrid on a Monday afternoon-evening.

Any venue for fun?

I remember a sauna discussed in unfavourable terms.....Adan...?

Any other place?





The airport in Madrid (assume you mean the international airport) is quite some distance from the center of Madrid. Six hours connection is not much time for getting from the airport, enjoying some activities in the city, then getting back for a flight. But, it is doable.


The only rent-boy sauna in Madrid is Sauna Adan. Considering that it is the only such type sauna in the city, what is there not to like? It is a small sauna and the guys range from lots of Brazilians to other nationalities. A while back (a couple of years ago) there was a problem in Madrid with Brazilians and others over-staying their visas. The police often waited outside Sauna Adan looking to harass working guys who had stayed past their allowable time in Madrid. At that time, the sauna was usually near empty of foreign rent-boys because of the police situation.


The police hanging around the sauna stopped and things are back to normal.


The sauna is small. Others have reported the sauna as being dirty but I disagree on that. The sauna is not new and shiny but it is not dirty.


The only thing I dislike about the sauna are the arrogant and hostile queens (employees that work in the sauna). They seem to have an attitude against Americans and other customers who are not Spanish. They often harass customers by making silly demands about where to sit or stand or other silly nonsense.


If you had more time and could be in Madrid late in the evening, there is a very nice "hustler" bar called "Black and White" information for which you can find here:




I hope this helps you use up your six hour transit time in Madrid.


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