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First timer in NY


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Am in NYC and I've had fantasies about hiring an escort for many years and I think I'm ready to do it.

My boyfriend will be out of town for a few weeks so now is the time to strike.


I guess I'm wondering, are there any tips I should know? How can I make sure a guy is trustworthy, other than browsing here and reading reviews? I find that a lot of the guys I like also don't have reviews on DR. Is it safer to do an incall or have them come over? I don't think I can afford a hotel room.


I've also noticed sometimes they are not great at answering texts (even first or second texts, not like I'm having long text conversations...) am I doing something wrong?


Is it polite to ask for face pics when they don't post them?


Also, here are some of the guys I'm thinking about, would be great if anyone has thoughts:

Zack - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=393629

Russ - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=387012

Hunter Ellington - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=559402

Dima - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=289200

Igor - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=563886 (although this one seems too good to be true...)

Joseph - http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=561390


Finally, what happens a situation if I get there and the guy's photos are totally fake?


Anyway thanks in advance for help!

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As to the question of the escort not matching the pictures, this is an age old question. If he is still hot, then you need to decide if you want to trust someone in bed who was deceptive in getting you there. If he is not hot, well that usually results in a ta ta. That is why it is generally best to meet for the first time in a public location.

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I have seen Zack several times. He is 20-something, athletic/muscular with all the right equipment, front and back, that performs really well in bed. I think of Zack as a real sex-professional. He can also host at his clean studio apartment in midtown west. I won't write a review on this message board - any questions about him, feel free to PM. Based on my own experiences with him, I feel that the reviews written about him here on DR probably are quite accurate.


If you are like me and live with your boyfriend, it can be a concern bringing a buddy into your place. Doormen and neighbors are not always discreet ... For that reason, I prefer escorts who can host at their own place, which Zack does. It saves you the cost of a hotel room.


His RB ad does not show a face pic. Prior to hiring him the first time, I did get some face pics from 'Dave' at man-to-man escorts, who represents him. Regardless of whether you decide to go directly, or through 'Dave', I assure you he is a handsome guy with attractive Italian/Irish facial features.

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Just Some Thoughts


Obviously, or at least I am going to assume that since you have a boyfriend, you aren't a beginner in having gay sex. That is a big plus in your favor as some guys who post on here are not only meeting an escort for the first time, but also it may be there 1st time or so having gay sex.


Depending on your likes or how nervous you are- it may be to your advantage to find a guy you like who has the most good reviews as possible. After all you want as stress free a time as possible, and while I'm not saying that all inexperienced/new escorts couldn't give you a good time, there's a reason that a lot of experienced guys have excellent reviews.


While I've never been with any of the guys you have listed, I must say you have excellent taste. Igor's ad concerns me just as it does you. He reminds of an escort who is thought to run multiple ads who also may be going by Simon and Gucissimo (?sp). If you look up threads on here for Igor,Simon, or Gucissimo you will see what I mean.


And now for a suggestion- this escort-Arek- is older than any of the guys that you listed. But he has the same type of muscular physique/large tallywacker that many of your choices have. He is an incredibly friendly guy and a great escort. He has multiple good reviews here on Daddy's. Did I mention how handsome he was? Well he is very handsome!!! Here is his ad.




Whomever you pick, I hope you have a great experience!!!





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I'll add my congratulations to your first time, and you're in the right place to do your research. I think asking for face pics is perfectly acceptable, I don't think I've ever hired without one, and if they're rude about it, move on to another escort.


Nice choices all, I envy you in NYC and all your options.


Good luck!

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I don't have anything to contribute regarding the guys you've asked about, but as a relative newbie myself (I've hired the same guy twice so far) who learned what I needed to know by reading threads on this site (thanks, guys!), here's my two cents:


1. The more info you can gather about a potential hire, the better. In my case, I hired someone with an extensive website (and no, it's not mostly photos), not just Rentboy, Rentmen, or other escort site ads, and lots of reviews, both here and elsewhere. (Reviews on sites that allow escorts to delete or otherwise manipulate reviews are less helpful. Others here can tell you which ones those are.) Google is your friend. That doesn't mean not to hire someone who doesn't have his own website if he's who floats your boat, but it's another indication that the person involved isn't a fly-by-night ripoff artist.


2. An incall is more discreet than an outcall, especially an outcall to your residence, which is probably especially important for a first hire or any hire, really, unless and until you've built up enough trust or are in circumstances where an escort's knowledge of where you live -- and, potentially, of your real/full name, etc. -- is not a concern.


3. Some -- maybe many -- escorts don't use texts as their primary means of communication. It's particularly unsuited to an initial approach. Check their ad or website for their preferred means of communication; some prefer calls, some prefer e-mail. Some (many?) won't schedule a first appointment without speaking to you on the phone. Also, remember that they will be leery of anyone who tries to work a discussion of prices into a discussion of sex acts. Discuss one or the other but not both in the same conversation or e-mail.


4. It's not impolite to ask nicely for face pics, but be prepared to be told "no." For some of them, it's an issue of protecting their day job; for others, child custody or other family issues play into it. If that's a deal breaker, then be prepared to walk away, also nicely. You could show up or arrange to meet in a public place (hotel lobby, nearby coffee shop, street corner, whatever) if the guy's amenable and make an on-the-spot decision whether to continue or not, but pulling out at that juncture may require a level of fortitude a first-timer might not have.


For what it's worth, absence of face pics greatly increases the likelihood that the pics you do see are legit.


5. If the pics are fake, be prepared to walk away. If you don't, you're committing yourself to the session at the quoted price; do you really want to do that with the shadow of deception already hovering over the session? Sometimes clients don't feel like they can walk away safely, especially if it's an incall. Being prepared to offer a partial payment may take the sting out of leaving at the door.


6. You didn't ask, but while I'm giving out free advice, I might as well mention that while you shouldn't be expected to pay up front, you're both at risk of being ripped off during a first encounter. Have the full payment ready (envelopes come in handy for this purpose), and if you feel comfortable with this, put it someplace visible but out of reach of wherever the action's going down. That gives the escort some reassurance that he'll be paid. I say "some reassurance" because the envelope could be stuffed with Monopoly money; some people fan out the cash out on the dresser or whatever, but that feels like overkill to me.


To be clear: The escort shouldn't take possession of the money until the end of the session. (Though it's possible that the escort I've seen did so with his fee for my second visit -- an overnight incall -- that I left at the beginning of the session, mostly because I feel uncomfortable walking around with that much cash and want to rid myself of it and the risk of its loss as soon as possible.) I don't have an objection to him counting the cash before I leave to make sure it's the right amount, and in a first session, I don't have an objection to that happening at the beginning -- heaven only knows we all make mistakes, and I'm sometimes fumble-fingered -- but others are likely to disagree with this advice. Take it for what it's worth.

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