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Are we a democracy or republic?


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Seaboy, in the terms used in the article:


In form we have a republic, by ideology we have a majoritarian electoral democracy with liberal caveats, in practice we have a biased pluralism, at least in regards to those issues of serious interest to the economic elites being served. On social issues the great unwashed (meaning us) get themselves all worked up over, the elites may either turn the issues to their own advantage or back off & allow things to work themselves out (so long as their interests are respected.)


When economic elites find themselves getting tied up with each other, some 'corporate interests' may not be respected. Consider the 1930's when large retailers and independent oil producers found it in their interest to supply large contributions to the Democrats in opposition to the industrial interests who continued to back the Republicans. Also note for decades corporate interests had difficulty in reining in our class action laws in the face of hefty political cash at the disposal of the Trial Lawyer Association. As examples of social kerfuffles corporations largely stood apart from until their interests began to be damaged, I would cite the both the Civil Rights movement of the 50's and 60's, and our own gay rights movement.


Hugs to you too, Greg. I hope all is well with you and yours.

It's hard enough to remember my opinions without also having to remember my reasons for them!

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