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This Is Our Youth

Frankly Rich

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This Kenneth Lonergan play was originally staged on the Upper West Side at the Intar Theater, a place I had never heard of and haven't heard of since. I went to see it with a friend who had heard good things about it. That production starred Mark Ruffalo, among others. It moved to the Douglas Fairbanks two years later in a subsequent production.


This plot summary is from wikipedia.org: "The play takes place in Dennis Ziegler's apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in March, 1982. Dennis's friend Warren Straub, a dejected 19-year-old, has just been kicked out of his house and stolen $15,000 from his abusive lingerie-tycoon father. Dennis, the more wily and domineering of the two, spends some of the money on cocaine, hoping to sell it to a friend for much more. Jessica Goldman, an "anxiously insightful" fashion student, comes over and Warren hopes that he can use the money to entice her into bed.


The play explores timeless issues of adolescence and maturity, as well as the Reagan Era in which it is set: the characters feel adrift in a country of the 1960s-style liberalism."


And so why am I bringing up a play which I saw in 1996? Well, because it is going to be staged again, with Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin. The two have been working for five years to bring the show to New York, having already staged it at the Sydney Opera House. But first it will play in Chicago in June at the Steppenwolf Theater. Then finally New York, where it is booked at the Cort, with previews beginning on August 18th, and opening night set for September 11th. At present, it is being billed as a limited run, scheduled to close on January 4th. My knowledge of the Cort isn't great- I saw Grapes of Wrath there- but I don't think it is a top Broadway theater and shows seem to close early there. Maybe that's just my imagination.


Michael Cera



Kieran Culkin



But, I'd like to see it again as Michael Cera has always impressed me in his film work. He has an engaging way about him that I find likable. Kieran Culkin is McCaulay's brother and has done well on film. They should make a great pairing for This Is Our Youth.

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