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Regent Cruise Line


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I received a brochure from Regent Seven Seas Cruises, it looks very inviting. I know they are expensive and all inclusive.

Question, anyone with first hand experience on this line?? Worth the money? Acceptable to bring a escort with you on these ships?

Provisos / caveats?

Thank you in advance.

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Was it worth it? Yes, as an escape that my companions and I desperately needed. Was it expensive? Yes, but they have two-for-one fairs

and free excursions. And business class flights to the point of departure.


I took an Alaskan tour with them in summer, 2007. My cabin mate was the 16 year old son of a couple who were my friends. They were next door.

Everytime we left the room, our hostess? came in and cleaned it / tidied it up / made the beds. No, the young fellow and I didn't fool around.


Yes, it's all inclusive. No charge for booze. I think most of their ships are all-balcony, which is nice. The tobacco bar had cuban cigars

(even in USA territory) for $5 each, and after-dinner scotch was like $10 a pour, for Johnny Walker Black.


The excursions were somewhat limited, as it took all day just to do one. And they are tour-specific. But flying over

four glaciers AND getting to mush a dog sled was great fun, even though I fell off the sled.


The food was great. There was a reservations-only restaurant, but that was not a big deal: We just had to plan ahead.

At dinner, they offer two or three wines. There are open bottles all over, so they may not pour "yours", but you'll

get what you need. They insisted my companion (the sixteen year old) have wine at dinner!


One dinner was shared with two women of a certain age, who travel together. It was their third or fourth cruise

with Regent. They had gone to Figi, I think, and liked it a lot.


Personally, I found it a bit too "posh" for my personal tastes. But, then again, I drive a Lexus 400h, and I miss

my previous vehicle, a 1996 4Runner. And I live in a two-bedroom ranch, when I could have owned a

Mc Mansion. So, I tend to have beer tastes on a champagne budget.


I think you'd have a good experience with an escort. This isn't a gay cruise, and No one gave a second glance to me

and my decidedly younger companion.

I don't think anyone would notice a man and his "escort": They're too socially educated to take notice,

and as long as he can speak intelligently about dinner, let alone art, there wouldn't be too much

offence / notice / whatever it is that hets and homophobes have to say about US.


My take on it: If you like being a little spoiled, and like to be on a smaller ship than the Floating Mega Hotels,

I'd go for it. I'm thinking of taking one over to St. Petersberg this summer. And they are somewhat hungry

for passengers, and have 2-for-1 pricing, and offer business class airfare to the departure sight for a resonable

fee. With the tourist trade being somewhat depressed, they are hurting for passengers.


I'd give it 4 o9ut of five *'s, or what ever.


Any other details you'd like, please PM me.

Do not try to the patience of Dragons, for you are Crunchy and good with Ketchup.

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