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Santo Domingo


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Second: I had fun in DR but the escort scene is awful. So many crooked hustlers. I heard stories when I went into Colonial Zone, and talking to some of the guys there I could tell they were up to no good. I ended up just hooking up with some guys I met in clubs down there. It really helps if you speak Spanish fluently.


I am surprised that you found the escort scene in Santo Domingo "awful." I realize there are lots of hustlers in the city but I was lucky to avoid any crooked hustlers. All were clean, polite, performed as agreed and asked for little money in exchange for their services.


Prior to going to SD, I had heard of scams in the Colonial Zone where tourists are often targeted for scams. Therefore, for the most part, I avoided that area except to see it as a tourist.


There is a small, family owned, hotel in SD that is not exclusively a gay hotel but more than half the guests are tourists who bring back "visitors" (hustlers) to a room (according to the owner and hotel staff). The hotel is extremely gay friendly.


It is one of a few decent hotels in SD that allows a hotel guest to bring back a visitor to a room. There is a five dollar charge for bringing back a guest. The charge includes the front desk registering the visitor and retaining the visitors identification, which is returned to the visitor after the hotel guest confirms that everything is in order (you were not robbed, etc).


The name of the hotel is Hotel Duque De Wellington.


If you read Trip Advisor reviews about the above named hotel, don't be put off by some of the straight guests complaining about the hustlers in the lobby or in the area of the hotel. I found the experience of so many hustlers, entertaining.


Hustlers can be engaged in bars in SD or along the streets near the hotel or in other areas in the city. There are many hustlers that hang around the area of the hotel and they are, by and large, friendly and good looking, if you find Dominicans good looking.


Remember, Santo Domingo is not Brazil. Although some gay publications claim that there is a sauna in SD, there isn't one there even remotely similar to saunas found in Brazil. Therefore, if you visit SD, forget about a sauna visit.


I agree, knowing Spanish is helpful. However, some of the hustlers know a bit of English. If you know Italian or Portuguese, there is enough similarity in the languages for you to communicate (at a basic level) with the Spanish speaking hustlers in Santo Domingo.


Too bad that your experience in SD with the escort scene was not enjoyable.


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