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Twist Miami Beach - dancers work outside the club?


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I spent a few minutes searching this topic, and I didn't see anything specific, so I apologize if this topic has been covered. There is a lot of good information and experience on this site, so I thought I would ask for your thoughts.


My long time partner and I are new to hiring escorts, but doing our best to make up for lost time. We've had some great experiences so far as we learn the ropes hiring guys for threesomes. The excellent information here and RentBoy are primarily how we find guys to contact. Miami Beach is our stomping ground, and we end up at Twist often. The dancers are pretty amazing. Its easy to see how the lap dance deal works. But for a lot of reasons, we are not really interested in lap dances.


So my question is: do the dancers at Twist/strip clubs escort? If so, how do you bring it up? Is there some kind of code or euphemism we should be using? We have tried to bring it up with a few of them, and we seem to get nowhere. Maybe most of them really are straight?


One guy did respond vaugely positive, but he told us to come back to the club at 4:30 a.m. to meet him. That seemed a little sketchy. I'll do a lot to get with a hot guy, but it seems a lot easier to just schedule a time another day. Maybe that's just how its done?


Are we better off at another club? Are we barking up the wrong tree? Maybe I finally just need to bite the bullet and learn some Spanish?


Thanks for your advice.

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Welcome newbie. This might help...




This has been discussed over the years, and basically it is very easy. I do it all the time and find the process very easy. All of these dancers get solicited nightly, so they are used to guys asking. After getting to know them, and tipping a little, I generally am very up front with them. I simply ask if they work off site. The answer will be immediate, either yes or no. IF it is yes, be very specific as to what you want to happen, as the deal will often change once you are behind closed doors. Good luck.

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I have been a frequent visitor of Twist for many years (I'll be there again next week). I would say the vast majority of the dancers are available outside of the club. There may be a few that are not....but they would be exceptions. Having said all that....how good each of them is in a "private" session will vary widely from one guy to the next. Most of the guys that dance at Twist are indeed str8. That does not mean they will not allow playtime outside...although there may be some limitations. If you are looking for gay dancers, you would be better off at Johnny's in Ft Lauderdale.

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