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Angelo in Montreal 2/12/14


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When 'i first saw his picture i began to salivate and when i read that he only bottoms I started investigating tickets to Montreal. That is one of the hottest pictures of an escort I have seen, fully dresses, well almost and no face but the ass ets are amazing.

Any top men in NYC want to chip in to get him to bring those big cheeks to the Big Apple? Brooklyn guy I ass ume you are in, or want to be.


I have never seen a purplekow :)

I hope I never see one ;)

But I can tell you this and how I would rather see than be one :D


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror :eek:

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Sweet Cheeks


The Guy definitely has a Gorgeous Bubble Butt which "Thank The Gods" he likes to use! :p


I have seen way too many Butts not put to their "Full Potential" in The Wonderful World of the Working Guys! ;)


P.K. It would be interesting to know IF he does or can Travel to the U.S. as some of the Canadian guys for different reasons cannot...

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With import costs rising, why not treat yourself to a butt like that right here in the 'good ol U S of A' ... ;)

the greatest beauty is

Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things,

the divine beauty of the universe.

Love that, not man apart from that,

or else you will share man’s pitiful confusions,

or drown in despair when his days darken."


- Robinson Jeffers


B e l i e v e

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