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Speaking of fake and/or bogus ads


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Below is a copy of a post made by a client who answered an ad on rent.boy.com


Reading through his experience, it seems to explain the reason for the countless ads that that we see using bogus photos to lure clients to hotels and to "hosting" places.



Here is his post:


on 20 Jan 2014 - 10:44 PM, said:


Hi I am a young guy (27) that always fantansize about porn stars.


Being in relationships most of time, I hadnt really had time to hire a porn star escort.


However, I was checking out rentboy in boston, Gianluigi Volti is in town and I was single and had a night to myself so I thought what a heck, I am gonna give it a shot.


His pics look hot and he said he can be submissive too, my type of guy.


So I texted him and got the details figured out and I was on my way to the hotel.


When I walked into the room, the first person I saw was a big black dude,who opened door for me. and I was kinda in shock and asked where is Gianluigi, and he said that's him. WHAT A JOKE!


I was like, no you are not him and he said looked at your phone and that's his number. and I said well you are not the same person I saw on the ad so I have to go.


I was already pissed that how could someone flat out lie like that and was gonna open the door.


He grabbed my hands and said you cant go unless you pay your donations and he suddenly took my phone away from my hands.


Ridiculously, there were 2 guys hiding behind the bed stood up and shouted at me and said gave him the donation.


and there was one more guy hiding in the closet holding a cam to video tape me.


How could this be happening!!!


I ended up giving him $100 and left.


Looking back, I really don't see signs of scams and this really turned me off on hiring an escort.


How would you guys normally approach an escort and make sure it's a real deal.


I am still in shock that this is happening to me!


P.S. It literally just happend an hour ago and now I looked at the rentboy. the ad is gone.

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In the thread from Dave at "Mantoman Escorts", I said why I prefer to use an agency and safety was one of the reasons. Using a good agency like Dave means not having to worry about the experience described above. Yes, the cost is slightly more BUT it comes with piece-of-mind that I will be safe.

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Could you tell us where this was posted or provide link/source?[/color]



Avec plaisir - http://www.boytoy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18828-got-blackmailed/


If you go to the other site (link above), unfortunately you see see one idiot mocking the guy. Apparently the mocker does not realize the seriousness and danger associated with answering blind ads.


As I have said before, thank goodness for this site where at least some of the fraudsters are thwarted.


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