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The Haves and the Have Nots...

Guy Fawkes

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Just got a call from my pharmacy. She had promised to look around and see what she could do for cost of my pain killers. She found a plan that knocks the price down from $134 to $37. That magic number should be good for a year.


While I'm so grateful to her and I'm on my way to pick up quickly before it goes away there is a part of me that is so angry at a system where someone without "A plan" pays about a hundred dollars more for the same medication.


Think about it, either way the entire delivery path makes a profit for the prescription. How many millions of people sit in pain because it comes to a choice between food and painkillers, all because they don't have a magic number?


The good news is that shortly I'll have a refill of all of the medications. I still have the Nevada Heathlink to sort out but that's a problem for tomorrow




(Boy I'll be so happy when this mess get resolved)

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Daddy….just in case you have not done so, always check the web for each and every medication you take. There are many sites with coupons and discount cards for those without insurance coverage for the medication or for their "first" prescription. Also sites such as http://www.pdr.net/discountcard (855-737-1737.)


I hope this will help.





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Daddy, I switched from my insurance coverage's 30 day local pharmacy/90 day mail-in pharmacy to just paying for my drugs out-of-pocket.


I went to my local pharmacy and the Costco Pharmacy and requested pricing on my meds and specifically asked for a price based on the quantity in the package as it was delivered to the pharmacy. I learned:


Costco has a 'compassionate' program for those without health insurance.


My Costco Pharmacist told me that if I purchased my pills in the same quantity as the bottle the pills are delivered to him I would save money simply because all he has to do is label the bottle versus counting and repackaging the pills. Most of my pills come packaged in quantities of 100 pills (go figure, pharmaceutical manufacturers settled on 100 while health plans settled on no more than a 90 day supply, weird.)


So I went to my doctor and asked him for all my 'scripts in the quantity my pharmacist told me. My out-of-pocket cost from the 90 day mail-order program was $120 (that's my co-pay!) every 90 days. My out-of-pocket costs for the same drugs in manufacturer's packaging from Costco averages about $80 every 100 days. One 'script is packaged in 500 pill bottles, I can buy 500 pills for $14, I formerly bought 90 pills for $8.


The stupidity in healthcare just amazes me.

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Ironically, "Haves and have nots" has been the foundation for delivery of medical care in the US for most of the last century.


If you had health care, GREAT! MORE POWER TO YA! If you didn't, well screw you. It's your fault you're poor.


That really has been the way it worked. It's absolutely barbaric.


The really galling thing is that countries like France provide universal coverage and it costs them vastly less, as a portion of their national wealth, than what the US spends on just Medicare. WE'RE DOING IT WRONG! EVEN THE FRENCH DO IT BETTER.


But the political right is determined that we should continue doing it wrong because, you know, Obama. They don't really have any good reason to continue spending the country into ruin for sub-standard healthcare and they don't have any alternative on offer but, you know, Obama.



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