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The odd case of Samuel See


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I don't think this has been discussed here.


There's a very strange case of a Yale profession Samuel See, who was found dead in his jail cell in New Haven after a very convoluted arrest and back story. I'm posting all this here only since it is already all over the news.


I'm not sure if this link is behind a pay wall:




Reported all over the web by the mainstream press, but unseen by me until it hit the NYTimes this morning, he apparently had another life as escort Ryan Cochran, who I can't find any previous mention of on Daddys, either in the reviews or forums.


Several of the articles, which seem to come from the same news feed, mention ads on at least four escort sites, including one on RentMen that I found a link to via a Google search but which has now been deleted.


All very odd and sad. Seems to have been a very well liked but troubled individual.

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"I'm a professional, well-educated, sexually limitless escort working out of New Haven. I'm versatile, love cum, party, and prefer to fuck raw. I can get into all kinds of sexual and social situations, so just name your pleasure."




My gut instinct is that someone created this as a slam against him, or to try to get him fired. The page is currently inactive.

Chris Eisenhower

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Well, I don't see any reviews on this site for Ryan Cochran. Has anybody reading this hired him? It's always amazes me how the pathologists drag their feet on these autopsies. My first thought when I first read about the story was that he died from bleeding inside his skull, especially when I read that the police had punched him in the head. But the OP's article states that trauma has been ruled out, so I suppose that my first guess was wrong. Perhaps illicit substances were involved? Of course, floridly bipolar people can certainly act like they're on amphetamines or cocaine, which may explain his irrational behavior. And when bipolars do methamphetamines or cocaine--watch out! It's quadruple trouble. I take it that "raw sex" refers to bare-backing?


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