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Rick Bauer


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EZE -- google his name and you might refine it with "gay porn actor" and you will see. He did dozens and dozens of films in the last decade or so -- was a trained wrestler with am amazingly tight and lithe muscled body and a nice piece of equipment too. Cute guy who came across young and sweet but a devil under the sheets.


Sadly he had mixed reviews on his forays here to the States and spent quite a bit of time as a kept "slave" by some SOB in Little Rock, Arkansas who seems to make a living using his wealth to bring Hungarian porn actors there (who would go to Little Rock seeking a job???) and turning them into drugged out sex slaves for his private entertainment. That last incident turned Rick away pretty much for good from escorting in the US - for obvious reasons. He is now in the UK but plans to move away from there (permanently) in a few months.

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I put his name in gaydar search and didn't find profile, but with all the underscores and all with profiles there often hit or miss. So what is profile name or suggestion on how to find him there? Thanks.


He's under Budapest.


When you're logged in in Gaydar.net, type rickbauer in the 'Profile name' search box (upper right side).


You need to be registered to the site in order to view the profile.

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