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I'm pretty open minded but....Seriously???


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You don't even need to be openminded at all… as I imagine you won't be using his services.


I am glad that he feels confident enough to put an ad. I know that a couple of gay friends of mine have said before that the only way they think about the possibility of fucking a pussy is if it came attached to a hot, masculine man.


Both of them have been keeping their eyes open in case a hot, masculine man with a pussy comes along.


I am sure there is a market for him.


I for one wish him the best.

Always hard and warm,




+1 778 319 0470

To e-mail me, click here

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I dated (didn't pay) a pre-op FTM guy for a few months. I picked him up at a party, where he was the cutest muscle boy in the room. He clued me in, so there would be no surprises, and off we went. As I'm sure some of the physicians here could attest, a couple of years of hormones and motivated work at the gym will give a woman a strong, muscular body with great definition, hair in all the right places, and a super libido. If you're even a little bit bi- you should give it a try. I found it thrilling.

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