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Video Previews Of Hot Rentmen #1


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Andrew Justice In Peoria >> http://rentmen.com/Andrewjustice/video/13227


Kyle Braun In San Francisco >> http://rentmen.com/Kyle_Braun/video/13207


Boston Miles In Atlanta >> http://rentmen.com/BostonMilesXXX/video/13190


Aleks Buldocek In Chicago >> http://rentmen.com/AleksBuldocek/video/13188


Steven Ponce In Ft. Lauderdale >> http://rentmen.com/stevenponce/video/13180


Leo Forte In San Francisco >> http://rentmen.com/LeoForte/video/13179


Billy Santoro In Los Angeles >> http://rentmen.com/BillyandSethXXX/video/13175


Boomer Banks In New York City >> http://rentmen.com/BoomerBanksXXX/video/13174


Chad Brock In Chicago >> http://rentmen.com/ChadBrock/video/13166


Armond Rizzo In San Diego >> http://rentmen.com/ArmondRizzoxxx/video/13165


Ray Dalton In Los Angeles >> http://rentmen.com/RayDaltonXXX/video/13148


Matt Stevens In Miami >> http://rentmen.com/MattStevens/video/13132


Donnie Dean In Vancouver >> http://rentmen.com/DonnieDean/video/13130


Jesse Santana In Los Angeles >> http://rentmen.com/JesseSantana/video/13123


Mitch Vaughn In Salt Lake City >> http://rentmen.com/MitchVaughn/video/13118


Preston Johnson In Chicago >> http://rentmen.com/PrestonJohnsonX/video/13117


Brian Bonds In Little Rock >> http://rentmen.com/BrianBonds/video/13083


Charlie Harding In Atlanta >> http://rentmen.com/CharlieHarding/video/13077


Luke Milan In Cleveland >> http://rentmen.com/LukeMilan/video/13075


Theo Ried In UK >> http://rentmen.com/TheoRied/video/13063


Dirk Caber In New York City >> http://rentmen.com/DirkCaber/video/13050


JR Bronson In Los Angeles >> http://rentmen.com/JrBRONSONxxx/video/13049


Tomas Brand In London >> http://rentmen.com/TomasBxxx/video/12962


JD Phoenix In New York City >> http://rentmen.com/JDPhoenix/video/12950


Trenton Ducati In San Diego >> http://rentmen.com/TrentonDucati/video/12919


Sean Xavier In Indianapolis >> http://rentmen.com/SeanXavier/video/12918


Tony Orion In Chicago >> http://rentmen.com/TonyOrionxxx/video/12892




Rentmen Rick :-)

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Thanks...great collection


I, too, thank you for presenting this for our viewing and_______________ -:) pleasures. ...just viewed Leo Forte's and have already seen Sean Xavier in action at this

particular site in his taking his own "10" and enjoying "it" immensely. During 2014 I do hope to see both of these "giants" live and up in person in a "sizzling" session

of play!!

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Thanks from me also Irish..although My Type tends to be "Smooth Shaven" which at this point in Time is not in Style.


Whether it's because a Beard of any Type projects "Masculinity or Laziness" apparently it is working in "The Wonderful World of Porn" as 85% of guys are cultivating one. Hopefully in 2014 more will Shave as they don't all look that good in them. ;)

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Nice job Irish. Just saw this, and have spent sometime enjoying your post. ;)

the greatest beauty is

Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things,

the divine beauty of the universe.

Love that, not man apart from that,

or else you will share man’s pitiful confusions,

or drown in despair when his days darken."


- Robinson Jeffers


B e l i e v e

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