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Some Fetish and Sauna Notes - Mad, Bcn, Paris, Berlin, Athens, etc


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FWIW-I am around 50 yo and in reasonable shape.

In Madrid in 2013, had such great sex at Sauna ?Paradisio? that I did not even go the the rent boy Sauna that was a few blocks away - Adan. In the past, I paid 80 euros for everything - me as a top, oral, and we both cum. Most punters pay less, but most sauna boys are tops and do not want to cum.

In Barcelona, I did the Sauna with rent boys and had a wonderful time with a guy from Venezuela. I am active and we did a lot. He asked for 70 euros, I gave him a 20 euro tip too. The bookstores with cabins were great too.

Sevilla had a bar with boys some years ago, but I could not find it recently. Maybe it is out of business, but they did rent small rooms for sex near the bar too. Very convenient and not expensive.

Paris had 2 super fun fetish clubs on piss nights. OK, not everybody's thing, but the sex was great, even without pissing - and yes, not everyone was into that.....or so they said.... I think escorts in Paris would be expensive - if you can find them. Le Depot must be on hard times as they were handing out free passes. I did not go.

Florence - I think both of the porn cinemas have closed.

Milan had an ok porn cinema.

Berlin and Munich have great saunas, fetish clubs, backrooms, etc. Both have bars where you can find boys for paid sex - either in the bathroom or at a sex hotel - and they know where to find these unmarked nearby locales. I have no clue for escorts in Germany. The above were fun enough for me. Cologne has a great sauna.

Athens -the big old cinema near Omonia is closed. Cosmopolit Cinema is not as much fun. It is mostly for rent boys and punters. The best boys will talk with you in the seats and you can start having sex there. Usually finish in the bathrooms downstairs. Some more normal but nice young guys don't charge or just want 10 euros. The "pros" are pushier. Can be dangerously pushy too -so beware. Don't pay over 25 euros, regardless of what you are into. There is a big park just beyond the big archeology museum. You can easily pay to play there - almost seems to be encouraged. No more than 10 euros for oral - they will suck you or you will suck them off. I did not have anal in the bushes. There are some sex cinemas near the meat market close to the Athens Center Hotel. Not very good, though 1 gets good reviews - however, I did not go as it is a bit pricey. There is also a very nice porn cinema type place with mult diff rooms and areas just west by ?10 blocks from Omonia. Nicest by far that I have ever seen. Forgot the name, but it gets a rare though good review on the net. Really just for average horny folks.

Istanbul hamams can be hit or miss. They can also be closed to men when you arrive or be impossible to find. OK sex cinema off Ist Kaddesi near Taxim. The big old porn cinema is long gone. Aquarius Sauna continues to have such bad reviews that it is hard to believe they are still open in the internet age.


Cruisingforsex, squirt, daddy's forums, etc have more info on most or all of the above.

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Also be aware that so called fetish nights or activities - uro, sneakers, rubber, etc., usually attract many folks that may not know that the bar or club is holding such an event. Many folks also come on purpose to such events even with absolutely no interest in the event itself - like at Folsum Berlin or SF. They either like to watch or feel uninhibited given what it going on around them. In Paris many hot young guys (twinks, jocks, etc) show up and never have anything to do with the fetish activity. They seem to be heavily into group sex with lots of oral. Also true in the UK. Some are specifically into sneakers, uro, etc. I have heard that in Spain rent boys show up, but I have not known this to occur in France or Germany. Also, some activities and places have a very strict leather or rubber clothing requirement.

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