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Really Could Use A Major Update for South and Central America.......


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Tried this 3 months ago and it basically went no-where. I have no idea what other website or forum to post on.


In Rio Sunday. Porn Cinema 1-2 blocks from Cinelandia M Stop, behind Amarelarhino ?spelling Rest and Bar (due W of Station and near Munic Auditorium). Great sleazy sex. Only 1 rent boy around 2-3 pm. Had a blast. Next door is the Sexy Rose - sort of a tiny porn shop up front and 2 floor sex club otherwise. Had great sex for about 2 hrs. Left by 6 pm and had dinner. Then had no further desire to check out the Rent Boy Saunas.

There were some very hot guys at Sexy Rose, at least 1 was a garoto from 117. However, I had absolutely no idea how to realistically approach them for sex at this place. Strange, as the rent boy was obvious at the next door porn movie place. Maybe at the Rose, the hot boys are simply looking for other hot boys to have sex with, or maybe the manager told them no pay for play. Maybe I could not stop one of them long enough to flash a few bills or say the magic words in Portuguese. But on the first floor, I thought at least 1 not hot young guy did manage to pull a very hot guy into a cabine. I was told there might be shows at Meio Mundo and / or Clube 117.


On Monday I repeated this. Funny, fewer folks at both places and no rent boys at the Porn Cinema. As on Sunday, I had much better luck at The Sexy Rose.

Then I went to Meio Mundo Sauna - 2 Metro stops towards dntn Rio. Was there from 1630 or so and was about to leave by 1730. More garotos then punters. Many blacks showing their huge tools. I prefer white/hisp, and twink or young muscle hunks. I approached a young musc guy with dirty blond hair and boyish looks. He did not show his tool much at all, and maybe he could not get hard. He also told me that he could not cum, and I did not think he would really bottom for me. So much for the object of my desire. I talked for a while with a So American punter who told me this was not unusual, and maybe he was straight.


I was within a minute of leaving when I saw a hunky white guy with huge upper arm and chest muscles. He kissed very nicely and held me nicely too. Fun to have sex with. He was not a tight bottom though, oh well. Tool size was medium, just fine for oral. I really enjoyed being with him. The second and smaller guy was not nearly so much fun. There was a well muscled punter there, who I at first thought was simply a garoto who was around 35-40, much older than the others. I think he was into black guys. Pressure to have sex here was mild to moderate, low key, and once I said no thanks, the rest was no more than mild teasing. Much less pressure than what some noted at Pointe 202.


Any comments welcome and again, I have no idea where else to post this as cruisingforsex and squirt do not seem to be the place for more more detailed info like on daddy's forums.



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