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Renegade in NYC - Can this possibly be real?!?


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You didn't provide the complete link:




Most of the pictures attribute back to the personal modeling profile or Facebook page of a professional model/body builder based in New York. I won't supply the name on the off chance that the model has actually placed the ad.


However, according to the Rentboy ad, the stats are listed as 26, 5'10" and 200 lbs and green eyes. The personal modeling profiles list the stats as 32, 6'2", and 210 lbs and brown eyes. You would think if the actual model placed the ad, he would be consistent with his stats.

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I think this is not real. He was obviously constructed to resemble human beings but he is clearly an automaton. No one alive has a body that perfect.

I have never seen a purplekow :)

I hope I never see one ;)

But I can tell you this and how I would rather see than be one :D


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror :eek:

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