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Silverado, Portland OR


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It's been a couple of years since I've been to the Silverado (or, Silver-Dildo as the locals call it). But, you are correct in that some of the dancers may strip down completely but there are no private rooms. Some of the strippers will circulate when not dancing. More interaction is found in the upstairs portion of the bar. Outside of having occasional stripper nights, I am not aware of any other bar with routine strippers, but again, my information is a little dated.

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What a timely thread. I will be in Portland starting Saturday and I plan to get to Silverado on one of the nights whilst in town.....probably Sunday. I'll report back.


I did get to the Silverado earlier in the year but I was there in the early evening. The strippers were to start at 10:00pm and I left before then so I missed it. It was notable that the bartenders downstairs only wore shoes and undershorts. One of them had quite a nice body......the other one not so much.

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I've only been to Portland once in my life but when I went, I went to Silverado 3 of the 4 nights I was there. I wasn't expecting much out of Portland as I'm not into the "granola type" - although they can sometimes be very lean and muscly! I much prefer the bodybuilders and, well, they're everywhere! I had a blast at Silverado. There were a few granola muscly types dancing (and yes they do get all nude!). But there was one beefy guy - a crossover football jock muscle guy. He was in contest shape but when he wanted to show it, his muscles popped!


So everyone is correct, there isn't a "private room" for lap dance but "privacy" is a state of mind. I took the bodybuilder upstairs (and since it was open, no one was up there). Folks could see us if they looked up there but we pretty much had the privacy to do everything I would do in a lap dance room with a curtain - and yes, even some things that I could get arrested for doing in public! But we had a blast upstairs and I made it worth his while! He had to get special permission from the manager to take me up there but the manager was fine with it when he explained I wanted some private time.


So I say don't let the lack of appropriate draperies hinder you! You're in the Northwest for God's sake - enjoy the beauty of creation!


aka msclwrsper


Happy Worshipping!

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