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The Honest 'Straight' Escort vs. The Predator


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As a postscript to all of the Simon Dexter posts of the past ...[below]


I had the opportunity to meet (online) about 4 or 5 "straight escorts" through

various venues. To a man, everyone of them were very honest that they...


1) didn't like interactional sex very much or at all;

2) were really up-front about being queasy about being touched;

3) were open just to be mildly massaged or worshipped, at most;

4) wouldn't really promise much more, but were willing to meet up


Simon was the only escort who, in his advertising, seems to promise

almost everything, and (in my experience)was personally very nice, but had

no inclination towards escorting whatsoever..but required at least $2,000 a night.


My experience from that past event was singularly distressing and hurtful

to this very day. The memory made mandatory an early New Year's Resolution to

research these most helpful threads and reviews on this website before ever again even think

of hiring again.


Keep it up, guys! Your shared knowledge helps a lot more

than you think.












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