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Swedish hunks wrestle in the nude


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It sure looked like there was a lot of touching all over, and you can hardly pick up a guy in a situation like that without using your hands underneath the crotch and grabbing a hold of his buttocks, thighs, etc. At least I don't know of any wrestling moves where that will not occur if you are in fact going to pin the opponent.

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You are right on.... I had a friend in college who was a wrestler, and as far as I know, he never wrestled in the nude, although that would have been fun to see... he had a big cock, and large low hangers...he did injure one of his testicles during an intense match and had to sit out the rest of the season and year because of that.... but he returned the following year and never seemed to have any residual damage. But it is sure fun to watch... IMHO...


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I know, and can understand intellectually why, wrestling is supposed to be erotic. But I just can't make that personal connection. Wrestling does nothing but frustrate the shit out of me. Why are you trying to pin me down? Would you stop that please? I'm not angry, I'm not aroused, I'm just waiting for you to stop. Stop.


Same for ball sports. According to the rules I'm supposed to bring the ball to the other side of the field or court, but in all honesty I truly don't care if it makes it there, so please stop your aggressive efforts to take it from me. Here, it's yours. No problem. Hockey, ball sports, wrestling, I've never understood why people involved don't just stop and walk (skate) away. I would. STOP hitting stop pushing me. Fuck.


And I just figured it out. When someone gets aggressive with me, apparently I just walk away.


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