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411 Albuquerque food


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had very good luck at Sadie's a couple or three years ago....went on a Sunday night and it was packed with locals.....very casual Mexican/New Mexican food....




and, since I like well-established, popular-with-the-locals, unpretentious places, I enjoyed the Frontier near the university in a cool neighborhood....




ABQ is very low-key and easy-going....I'm not a fine-dining/wine-and-candlelight kind of guy, so these places may not be what you're looking for....


Some Of My Daddy's Reviews (updated link coming soon-ish)

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Albuquerque has an outstanding museum of New Mexico history, but Santa Fe is the gem of the southwest. To go to New Mexico without spending a few days in this magical city is like going to Paris and never seeing the Eiffel Tower. The food in Santa Fe is wonderful! Dining in any of the big hotels on The Plaza will be to your liking, I promise.

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I agree with beethoven. Santa Fe is far more interesting than Albuquerque. The distance between the two cities is only fifty miles and is an easy freeway drive the entire distance. If you have any interest in Southwest Native American culture several important pueblos are located just off the freeway – Santo Domingo being an excellent example. If you don’t have a car Old Town Albuquerque is worth a visit it has some nice Native American Arts & Crafts shops and the entire Plaza and Church should be lit up by the middle of the month with luminaries. It has some of the feeling of Santa Fe. If you have the opportunity to visit Santa Fe let me know as I can make several restaurant and shop recommendations.

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Hey guy --


heading to NM for a conference - any must visits??


Here are a few ABQ faves:


Jennifer James 101




Standard Diner




Nob Hill Grill




Gold Street Caffe




Albuquerque has a decent art and history museum




and there are a few wineries within the city limits. Ask your hotel to recommend a place.

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