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411 on Greg Colton

le whore

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  • 2 weeks later...
No response via rentmen or rentboy. Me thinks he's an actor who just wants to know he's attractive.


There's an ad in rentboy? I didn't notice. I tried calling and after countless rings it went to voicemail.


According to a Google Image Search, those pics belong to a 37 yr old in Sydney, Australia, as verified by a partial copy of his driver's license attached to his personal profile.


Yeah, I got that profile too just yesterday. Funny, I didn't even think of vetting him via image search since his pics were such selfies, but yesterday I did anyhow. Guess it's someone masquerading for reasons unknown.

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This is why this forum is such a valuable resource. I'd asked about him last week and posted a link to his rentmen ad, but didn't get any responses. Now, here's all this information. I guess all one needs to do is be patient. Thanks, guys!


P.S. I'd also emailed him via rentmen and heard back nothing. When I tried to email directly, it wouldn't go through because his address was invalid. And I also was lured into a false sense of authenticity due to the selfie pics used. Oh well...

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