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Thanksgiving Appointments


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Zero. I spent thanksgiving preparing turkey and stuffing with a few close friends. Hope all of you had a great holiday!
I read this two ways. Both seemed valid but one seemed a lot more fun than the other.

#1 He was preparing turkey and preparing stuffing while visiting with a few close friends.

#2 He was preparing turkey and he was stuffing a few close friends.


I would opt for #2 and call in for Chinese food. By the way, anyone have the answer to what Chinese food is alled in China?

I have never seen a purplekow :)

I hope I never see one ;)

But I can tell you this and how I would rather see than be one :D


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror :eek:

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By the way, anyone have the answer to what Chinese food is [c]alled in China?


Supper? Or lunch or breakfast for that matter. I recently spent a month in the home of a Chinese family in Malaysia. The food was fantastic: remakedly freshI. Local sourcing of everything is a way of life because supermarket chains are unheard of (or unworkable due to the market demand for freshness). But this western palate was unable to discern a distinction between the cousines of breakfast lunch or dinner. You were likely to get chicken, fish AND pork dishes at all of them. And a vegetable or two as well although one of them could be stir-fried lettuce. As memorable as many of those meals were, at about the month mark I began to long for the variety corn flakes at one meal and a sandwich at the next. Or a salad: ANY salad. Can't wait to go back though.

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How many of you had last minute appointments yesterday on Thanksgiving? I had two. Both guys were in town travelling and looking to spend some time away from family.




I seen a guy late night the day before Thanksgiving, but nothing on the day or even since the day. In the past, I have gotten stuff on Thanksgiving....but when you're in a flaccid dick-shaped state like Florida trying to do this kind of thing it's just a big waste of time. Some of these people need to take the turkey baster out of their ass and put it in their mouth...


You know a place is screwed up when people have the need to put on their a4a profiles, "I do not pay for sex. If you want money, go get a job"...and then message your escort ad as if nothing was there.


Only reason I'm even here is out of respect for an ailing relative.

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