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This winter adopt the fist bump


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Fist bumping instead of shaking hands can REDUCE the spread of bacteria, claims plastic surgeon


The spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria could pose a real threat to health, but one plastic surgeon has the answer: the fist bump.

Dr Tom McClellan proposes replacing handshaking with more hygienic - and much cooler - fist bumping as a way to reduce the spread of germs.

In a scientific study, McClellan and his team showed how fist-bumping - especially in a hospital setting - reduces the transmission of bacteria significantly.



Bumpy ride: President Obama and Michelle Obama bump knuckles on the campaign trail in 2008


Many were first introduced to the fist bump, previously ther reserve of the young, the cool or the ironic, when President Barack Obama began using the gesture while on the campaign trail with everyone, including wife Michelle.


Since 2008, it's become steadily more common, with even George W Bush spotted adopting the gesture.


MCClellan, a West Virginia plastic surgeon, and his team conducted an experiment measuring the transmission of bacteria from both a fist bump and a handshake.


They had a group of clean-handed people shake hands and fist bump and cultured the bacteria on their hands afterward.


Published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, the study showed that the handshake exposed three times as much skin to bacteria as the fist bump, and the skin was in contact 2.7 times longer, transmitting much more bacteria.




'We surmise that the fist bump is an effective alternative to the handshake in the hospital setting,' McClellan wrote in the journal.

'[bumping] may lead to decreased transmission of bacteria and improved health and safety of patients and healthcare workers alike.'


The Washington Post called the Obamas' fist bump 'the fist bump heard 'round the world,' but according to Time magazine, it likely originated in the 1970s - either in the NBA or through Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Wonder Twins.


According to Time, Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel is a germ-phobic who reportedly uses the gesture to limit contact with contestants.


The Urban Dictionary describes it thus: 'An alternative to a high five or handshake, often seen in sports. The white person's term for dap. Preferred by germophobiacs such as Howie Mandel. According to Fox News, a terrorist action.'


source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2512389/Plastic-surgeon-says-way-reduce-spread-deadly-germs-fist-bumping-instead-shaking-hands.html

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