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For blowjobs you receive, do you prefer the suction to be more and faster or less, softer and slower? Seems there is a continuum and some don't like one or the other. The reason for my pole poll was because I've been sucking a lot of dick lately and have been surprised by the number of guys who want it slow and gentle. I've always been a "cock worship" type who is a bit more vigorous. Many guys love that but some don't at all. Thanks for your responses.


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I am not at all surprised by your findings. A lot of people enjoy slow, mindful and gentle.


I often watch people suck cock, either on a movie, a sex club or in a sexual situation in which I am participating and I cringe, especially when I am watching self-professed cock worship experts go at it. It is often a frantic, high paced, all over the place kind of battle. Furious, bitting, slapping, hitting, panting, violently rubbing the cock over all sorts of surfaces... When that happens I always feel tempted to get close to the cock sucker and whisper in his ear: "Remember that it is attached to a human being... you know, with sensations and all.".


Sometimes the owners of the cock look befuddled, at best, and pained as if going through dentistry at worse. I have known a few men who actually enjoy having their dicks bitten, slapped, hit and rubbed harshly over sharp whiskers, but they are certainly the exception, not the rule.


I guess sex is such a complicated thing, as it involves two different human beings trying to find pleasure. I often find that when someone declares that he wants to worship your cock, what he means is not that he wants to find ways to give you pleasure and make your cock feel good; what he often means is that he wants to perform activities on your cock that he associates with worship and that turn HIM on immensely, whether or not those actions are pleasurable or not. I guess personally I like to find a perfect medium: I want to be able to do the things that turn me on, but I also like those things to be enjoyable for my partner.


The valuable lesson that I get from witnessing those vigorous manipulations is: "Just because I am in a frenzy doesn't necessarily mean that my partner is enjoying this." And maybe even take it further: just because I am in a frenzy it doesn't necessarily mean that I am enjoying this.


In the end, it really boils down to the fact that we are all different and like different stuff. Vive la difference!

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As with most forms of sex play, blow jobs require lots of communication. it is hard to talk with your mouth full, but asking if your partner if he is enjoying what you are doing is a good way to find out. After a few licks and possibly a deep throat, i will ask in as sexy a voice as i have "Do you like that?" and if there is not a quick and possibly breathless response like: "Fuck yeah" then I do something a bit different until there is a "Fuck yeah" or there is undeniable moaning or hip bucking. A hand to the back of the head is also a good indication that you are hitting a spot but you may need to take a bit more in. I particularly like to encourage a partner when i am enjoying his man-lip-ulations by moaning, grunting or the ever popular "don't stop. oh god don't stop" Another sure fire clue to a good blow job, a yelled, I am gonna come in your mouth. i prefer a combination of soft and gentle, then a bit rougher, and end up with a slow teasing and deep throating until completion.

For the most part though, even a bad blow job is pretty good.

I have never seen a purplekow :)

I hope I never see one ;)

But I can tell you this and how I would rather see than be one :D


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror :eek:

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PK, I used to agree with you that any bj is better than no bj (I'm paraphrasing here, I know). But having been the victim of numerous frenzied bj's that don't seem to be much about my pleasure and more about what's going on in the head of my sucker, I have come to the realization that I prefer more of a build up. Those guys who start like a Hoover as soon as the festivities are underway seem to be more interested in getting me off as quickly as possible than anything else. What's the rush, where's the fire? I like a more leisurely approach - it shouldn't feel like a variant on "Beat the Clock." Not so leisurely that there is no direction to the proceedings, but let's have at least a little bit of build up. Like Diana and the Supremes used to sing, "You Can't Hurry Love." (and why would you want to?)

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