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Happy Thanksgivinakah~!


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It happens once in a lifetime that Thanksgiving and Hanukah are on the same day~

Let's be thankful for that unique blessing and the fact that Yom Kippur will NEVER fall on either of those two holidays~!




"My Heart is French, (well, Lakotah & then French). My ass is international. (Arletty, circa 1945)"

"In my bed there are no uniforms~ Well, sometime there are"


There's Greatness within but never assume you've achieved it. Strive to realize/become nothing less then that. Look to see it in every-one/thing. Become Great~! (Tyger David HLF)

There's beauty & hope in realizing that what humankind fails to understand, Truth's already provided the answers to. (Tyger David HLF)

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Thanks for expressing the uniqueness of this particular occurrence which clearly shows thanks and caring are so universal.


I heard the dessert for this occasion is Scandinavian almond cake with special sauce.


Have a great day big guy.


Boston Bill

Live Your Dreams With Passion And Purpose

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