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Let the de-icing commence in Montreal.....Winter has arrived


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Three day visit to Montreal late last week. I'll start with the end of the trip first. Aircraft had to be de-iced prior to departing YUL airport. There wasn't really any snow on the ground (or on the plane) yet but temps were below freezing. Winter has arrived and Montreal is supposed to get snow this week.


My report will be short. I went only to Stock Bar all three nights. Thursday was very very quiet. I had a great time but I felt bad for the dancers as there were few patrons. To be fair, it was cold and quite rainy on Thursday night and Saint Catherine street looked mostly deserted. I think the rain kept folks at home or in their hotels. Friday was busier and Saturday was quite busy. Plenty of fun all three nights.


Dancer JP who had left Stock for Campus a few months ago has now returned to Stock. It was great to see him there again. Thierry was in attendance on Thursday and looking very good. Jo, MAM, Randy, Alfie, and Curtis were also around. No-one new of note to report on.


The police came into Stock for a snoop around on Thursday or Friday (I don't remember which day). They didn't seem to bother anyone. I got the feeling they were looking for someone in particular and didn't find them....so they left.


All in all a good time at Stock.

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