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Brian killed off on "Family Guy"


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The bastards! He was my second favorite, behind Stewie. And didn't they grieve for like, five whole minutes, before going out and getting another dog? I missed the episode but my kids were texting me. They were all in shock. (All this emotion for a dam cartoon.) I guess it's because all of us see something of our own family dysfunction in that fictional family. My favorite episode was when Stewie asked Brian to shave his nut sack for him. I'm still laughing......

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As I get older, and sometimes saddened at the thought of losing my cat in the next 14 years or so (he's about 6), Brian's demise had me somewhat teary-eyed and stunned.


Does anyone know why they offed him? As others have said: Brian and Stewie were the life of the show.

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I think Brian was the soul of the show, but our pets, as human as we would like them to be, usually pass before we do, so in that regard, it was heartbreaking and true to life. Yes, Vinny is the new dog in town, but I think you may see Brian again in flashbacks or as a kind of guardian angel. Of course, it could be that there was a contract dispute with the voice of Brian and he was offed for financial reasons. Not sure who voiced Brian.

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Not sure who voiced Brian.


Acording to "today entertainment" Seth McFarlane voiced Brian. so probably McFarlane was not in a contract dispute with himself (although that would be a good plot for Family Guy).



While playing a game of street hockey with best friend Stewie, the alcoholic pooch (voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane) was hit by a car during the season 12 episode, titled "Life of Brian."

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Well, what everybody is forgetting is that the show has careened downhill the last five years or so. Basically, it sucks now. I DVR it out of habit, but pretty much multitask while it's on. The show should end. The Simpsons should have ended 10 years ago. It's so rare that a show ends when it should. Breaking Bad did. Buffy should have ended Season 5, not 7. Angel, one season earlier. Sopranos should have ended one year earlier, although it was still damn strong by the time it did. X Files famously went WAY too long. It's difficult for the networks because if a show is doing well, it's tempting to keep it alive.


I have that FM episode playing now (like I said, Multitask); don't worry about Brian being dead. They can easily bring him back. And, the show just isn't good anyway.


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