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411 on Noah Boy in Seattle


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I've looked at the ad. Is Noah Boy a very YOUNG man ... yes, he definitely is. Does he look over 18 years old? To my eye -- and, please keep in mind, I regularly teach college aged kids (18-25) -- YES, he does. My guess is that he's actually his stated 21 years of age. Indeed, he's not unlike quite a few of the young men I've taught in some of my undergraduate classes. Hell, I've got a graduate student (24 years old) right now who actually looks a lot like this kid, right down to the skinny frame and gawky appearance. I actually think he is damned cute ... but, I'm his professor ... so ... hands off.


If I were to see this particular escort (Noah Boy), I would ask him to show me some kind of government issued photo ID -- a DL for instance -- that would prove he's of legal age.


Other than that degree of due-dilligance, I really don't think that any of us have room to be throwing stones.

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