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Stefan Gatt


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Stefan was born on June 8th, 1989 in Plymouth, Michigan and was destined for success. Now 24 with a career that has only just begun, Stefan’s work experience has already taken him from the gym to the big screen and everywhere in between. As a two-time All-State high school wrestler at Detroit Catholic Central, a nationally recognized school for academics and athletics, Stefan’s hard work and talents were realized at a young age. His ambitions allowed him to mentally and physically push himself to an elite level. He pursued training in boxing and mixed martial arts to diversify his technique, and his high school wrestling success landed him a college scholarship at Heidelberg University.


After a wrestling injury, Stefan’s emergent interests and natural talents in the theater convinced him to further pursue acting. He transferred to Central Michigan, a university closer to his home town, where he engaged in acting classes and acquired a talent agency. Within just a few months of actively working with an agency, Stefan appeared in a national Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, among others, and booked a supporting role in the upcoming Paramount film, Fun Size. In addition, Stefan began modeling and was instantly recognized by several national agencies. He decided to take his talents to the next level and move to New York City to sign with a local agency. Upon his arrival, Stefan had top NYC fashion and fitness photographers knocking at his door to shoot with him. As a result, he has appeared in magazines, commercials and events including a live Nike and ESPN fashion show






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Bonus Stefan: Stefan Petrov






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