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Internet TV (3D)


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When you say your TV has Internet, it really depends on the make and model as to its true Internet capabilities. However, I am not aware of any APP or service that provide on-demand adult video streaming.


I have two "Smart" TVs with varying Internet capabilities: the Samsung 8000 with 3D (2010 model) and the Samsung 6340 (2011 model). Each of these models has access to Samsung's Smart Hub that have different APPs for video streaming, such as Netflix, Red Box, Vudu but there is no adult video APP. Each of these models is also capable of recognizing and playing most of the media content on my laptop, so I can stream music and videos from my computer onto my TV. I have downloaded various adult videos from some the amateur sites that I have streamed on my TV. However, I have never tried to download a full length movie from one of the adult video on demand sites to see if that could be streamed from my laptop to my TVs.


Lastly, certain Smart TVs like my Samsung 6340 have built in web browser. My TV's browser is slow and sluggish and really doesn't seem to have the necessary plug ins or codecs to play media content on various web sites. For instance, I have tried to use it to watch programs on ABC.com, NBC.com, etc. with little to no success. I was once able to stream a gay themed movie that I rented from TLA Video, but it wasn't easy. TLA also has gay porn that can be rented on demand, so that might be a possibility but in my experience it didn't work well.

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