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Shakespeare on Broadway - Twelfth Night/Richard III


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I had the opportunity to see Twelfth Night yesterday. It is one of the most entertaining and amazing productions this season.


Famed British actor, tony winner, Mark Rylance, makes his return to Broadway, in repertoire, playing the leads in Shakespeare's comedy, Twelfth Night and

the tragedy, Richard III.


I'm seeing Richard at a later date but Twelfth Night is a wonderful production. There is an amazing amount of time and effort that went into recreating this comedy from the Elizabethan age. The stage has been set as a venue that Shakespeare may have performed in back in the day. The costumes have been historically researched, recreated using fabrics that would have been used in Shakespeare's time and hand sewn. Beeswax candles are used in the chandeliers hung above the stage.


As you enter the theater, the cast is already assembled onstage in the process of getting into their costumes and applying makeup, much as one would have seen in Elizabethan times. Musicians are playing authentic Elizabethan instruments.


This cast is wonderful! All characters are played by males. Rylance is very funny as Olivia and takes extreme efforts to glide about the stage. Famed Brit actor, Stephen Fry, makes a wonderful Malvolio, and others in the cast are equally great, especially Paul Chahdi, as the flirtatious yet scheming maid servant Maria.


It was all good fun and highly recommended!


The NY Times gave it glowing reviews.




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