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Fun Home at the Public


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Saw this emotional and winning new piece this week for the third time, taking another set of friends. Based on the graphic novel by Lesbian cartoonist Alison Wechtel, it follows the author from grade-school, to college, and the present...as she discovers herself and her sexuality. At the same time she becomes aware of her father's closeted life, which ultimately leads to tragedy.


Alison is portrayed by three actresses, all of them winners. The youngest has a sensational song/tribute addressing the first time she sees a butch, and she's mesmerized. "Her manner and her bearing and the just right clothes that she's wearing...and her keys, oh-oh, her ring of keys..."


The college aged Alison sings of "Majoring in Joan" in a song with so much post-coital exuberance it's truly joyous. Kind of like "Whizzer's Going Down" from the March of the Falsettos.


The current Alison is an observer...leading us through her life as she seeks clues that she may have missed about her father.


Alison's parents are played by Michael Cerveris and Judy Kuhn, both at the top of their games.


The score is by Jeanine Tesori (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Caroline, or Change, Shrek) and is IMHO her best yet. Haunting and exciting, I cannot wait for a CD.


It's playing through Dec. 15, (it has extended three times), and there's buzz of a Broadway transfer, but I fear the subject matter won't appeal to the matinee crowd, and it will struggle for an audience there. I believe there are still tickets available.

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