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Recommendations for LA


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Recommendations for LA, Younger than 30, Larger than average.


If age did not matter to you, of course, I'd highly recommend Kristian Elix in Los Angeles based on all of his reviews and his ad. I have yet to see this "giant of a man" whom I've been "internet stalking" through daddy's website for over five or more years now. ...do hope that 2014 will be the year in which he and I will finally meet!


Kristian fulfills the latter criterion of your desires and wishes!!!

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by "larger than average", do you mean his dick or body in general?.....well, actually, doesn't matter because JLA meets both those!....about 6-2 or so and a big cut dick....only problem is he's about 34 or 35, but does look younger, if that helps.....


Some Of My Daddy's Reviews (updated link coming soon-ish)

Pronouns: me, me, me


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