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As long as we are looking at NYC I saw a couple of ads and . . .


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So I had not trolled NYC Rentboy for quite some time so I did the other day and couple of guys certainly brought me to attention any thoughts or experiences, sorry if these came up before, I did not see inquires:


http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=393909 Reece


http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=396639 Handsome



http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=394427 Theron


http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=386631 Stud Boy


Thanks for your input!

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Reece was slow to respond to texts but in the end he told me to text another number that came up on the rentboy ads as Guccissimo. When he sent more pictures of himself it looked nothing like Reece. He looked like a totally different model and then he probably got confused and sent more which looked like a different guy which was probably himself since although attractive, was no where near as hot as Reece or the other model's pictures that were sent. I stopped texting with him shortly thereafter.

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