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411 on Collin, new in Dallas

Muscle Lover 2

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Where, oh where, to begin?


I did a Google image search and found that the pics belong to a fitness model named Colin Wayne. Mr Wayne is married and has a son, not to mention his own website. He is 24 years old (not 23), he stands 6'1" (not 5'11") and weighs 215 lbs (not 173). Here's a link to his website, in case you would like to read more:




In short, the advertiser is using someone else's pictures and a derivation of someone else's name. You might want to avoid hiring this guy.

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The advertiser's phone number is from the San Francisco area code. When you google the number you'll find two Masseurfinder ads, one in Richardson TX and one in Carrollton TX along with three Rentboy ads, two expired and one active. All the same pictures though.

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A complete and utter fake, and a whack job to boot. But that's just my "opinion" not a review.

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