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Buying a Flogger!

whipped guy

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Buying a Flogger: Part One

This thread is an addendum to the "Flogging" thread from earlier this year.


Traveling with toys can at times prove to be a cumbersome proposition, be it for play with an escort or a visit to a club for a bit of diversion. Consequently over the past several months I have revamped my flogger collection. My reasoning was to purchase mostly items that were reasonably priced, practical, lightweight, functional, and well fabricated.

After doing much research I narrowed things down to a couple of websites. Actually I initially purchased a couple of items at the Leatherman in NYC and then did some further research to investigate the items that they did not stock.

In an ideal world one should be able to try out a flogger to get the feel... and the feel of not only how it swings, but what happens when it makes contact. Having felt several models on site, I was then able to extrapolate how things would work based on the descriptions posted in the online catalogs under consideration. It is important to remember that the materials from which the tails of a flogger are fabricated as well as the width and length of the tails will have a definite effect in how it will ultimately function.

Leatherbeaten: www.leatherbeaten.com

This Canadian outfit offers a range of items, many of which are in the budget category. They also have larger and pricier items as well. However, as noted my main concern was finding items that were lightweight, compact, functional, and reasonably priced. While many of the budget items that they offer don't have the look of an expensive flogger, they are lightweight and therefore practical for travel. Plus, they do the job.

At any rate, the items that I acquired from Leatherbeaten include the following models:

Bessie Flogger - eighteen 12 inch cowhide tails each 1/2 inch wide that deliver a firm slap-like thud that's great for a warmup flogger or for situations where a lesser intensity is desired. I actually purchased a pair for the two-handed Florentine technique, the more complex motions of which are great for warming up a sub. The handle is a durable Delrin thermoplastic acetal resin that is rigid, strong, yet adds minimal weight.



Rita Flogger - eight 18 inch cowhide tails each 1/4 inch wide. Due to the thinner tail size this delivers a pleasing sharper stinging effect. This was purchased at the Leatherman in NYC and I was immediately impressed with the acerbic bite that it was capable of producing. The handle is likewise constructed of Delrin.


Glow Flogger - twelve 18 inch tails each 1/2 inch wide. I purchased the version made of a quite heavyweight belting cow leather as it not only delivers a heathy thud, but also a burning effect that while not as sharp as the Rita is infinitely stronger and characterized by an ardent intensity. The handle is also fancier than the all plastic handles of the Rita and Bessie with handsome leather stitching over a wooden dowel that is still lightweight and practical. It is available with a plain pommel knob or an attractive Turk's head knot. It is the later version that I chose and as such it gives the initial appearance of being an upscale flogger. The Glow comes in a variety of materials that can deliver different effects. I originally saw the softer suede version at the Leatherman in NYC, but that proved to be too ineffectual. However, I immediately noted that it was the perfect size for an all purpose workhorse flogger, and the belting version has proven quite effective in producing a variety of sensations depending upon how it is used. In any event, like the the other models discussed above it comes in a variety of materials all of which deliver a different end result.



Cowpoke - a short flexible toy that has a 7 inch somewhat rustic looking braided flexible leather handle that ends in four 11 inch round leather tails that conjures up thoughts of the wild west. This is the smallest yet perhaps the most lethal of all that have been mentioned. It stings, burns, and can easily leave marks. User and victim beware!!!! I purchased this at the Leatherman in NYC and was quite impressed with what this deceptively lightweight looking item is capable of dishing out! Plus, when the sub realizes how lethal this toy can be, it can be used as a "tease" by threatening its use on some "special" body parts. (Insert evil grin here!) However, if actually utilized in such a situation it must be used safely and sanely. Incidentally this item only comes in a dark brown color. All of the other items were purchased in the traditional basic black versions.



It is worthy of note that all of the above fit neatly in a small black bag which easily fits into a small backpack along with a few "other" items (Japanese nipple clamps, clothespins, slap paddle) and are perfect for travel and can provide all that one really needs to choreograph a compelling flogging scene that will deliver a variety of sensations and stimuli. Indeed, the sharper effects produced by the Rita are quite different from the beefier effects produced by the Glow, which in turn are substantially different from the softer blows produced by the Bessie.

Over the years I have I have either left behind or lost a toy or two. I try to take inventory when play-time is over, but "stuff happens" and since all these items are reasonably priced if history repeats itself at least I won't be out a significant amount of cash.

To be continued...

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Buying a Flogger: Part Two


Buying a Flogger: Part Two


Part of the allure of S&M is the enticement of the leather... be it the aroma, the texture, or even the visual pleasure to be had from

a handcrafted and well-made product. These are the toys that one uses when one wants to impress and in more ways than one.

Consequently there is more to the story. That's where the pricier premium items come into play. Such items are available not only

from Leatherbeaten, but a variety of other websites as well. Many of these floggers are indeed works of art, but often tend to be

larger and bulkier with weighted handles and longer tails and as such can be a bit cumbersome. Most premium floggers use a

leather covered metal rod or a heavier grade wooden dowel as the basis for their handles so as to counterbalance the weight of

the longer lashes. Indeed many prefer a weighted flogger where the handle is much bulkier as opposed to their lighter brethren.

This additional mass adds additional force to the action of the flogger as per the classic f=ma equation from basic physics. Still, it

does not take much practice to adapt easily to either situation. However, in the final analysis the weight factor alone is an issue

that would most likely preclude such a flogger from consideration when traveling, And especially when multiple floggers are



Details Toys: www.detailstoys.com


For premium product at a reasonable price this is the place, at least when compared with other outlets (including Leatherbeaten),

where one literally gets the most bang for their buck. They will actually customize a flogger for you from a myriad of choices

available involving color, length, types and numbers of strands, intensity desired, etc. Virtually every parameter of flogger design is

covered. I purchased a bullhide flogger with twenty 16 inch tails. As such it approximately the same overall length as the above

mentioned Glow flogger. However, the increase in the number of tails guarantees a greater intensity... Plus, bullhide is noted for its

extra sting along with its heavy thud. Plus, the combination of the 20 tails, the bullhide material, and the weighted handle assures

that it will deliver an extra wallop. Indeed, it produces the additional reserve power analogous to the reserve horsepower available

from a premium motor vehicle. In other words, due to the extra weight it takes much less force to achieve the desired effect.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that this flogger is a veritable work of art. It has a decorative handle that has crosshatching with two

different textures and finishes of black leather. In addition, both ends of the handle are finished with attractive pineapple style

knobs. It is shown below In the version with a bit of red (as opposed to a different texture of black) contrast woven into the handle.




Finally, it is important to discus considerations regarding flogger sizes. In an ideal situation longer tails deliver more sweep

and action. When a multiplicity of tails are added the intensity is increased as well. However, when working in close quarters such

as a bedroom or hotel room longer the larger sizes can be problematic. Furthermore, in a club setting bystanders and onlookers

can often interfere with the action. I do have a large multi-tailed flogger with 24 inch tails. When one adds in the the handle it is

over thirty inches in length. However, it has unfortunately often proven at times not to be practical in normal settings. One has to

be constantly on the lookout for potential interferences and obstructions that can prove to be distracting... and when the Dom is

not able to adequately concentrate on precisely what he is doing that is emphatically not a good thing for the sub!! It is also more

challenging to be accurate with longer tails. This leads to another problem. With longer tails the wrap-around effect with its

concurrent increase in velocity is greatly amplified and as such can result in excess bruising when a flogger is not properly wielded.


In any event, for general flogging, such as working over the sub from a reasonable distance, tails in the 16 to 18 inch range are

practical depending on the length of the handle. In such cases an overall length of about 25 inches is advisable. For closer work a

flogger with tails in the 12 inch range is desirable. Smaller sizes are also available and are often used for ultra close work on those

"special" body parts. At any rate, one can always shorten the tail length of somewhat smaller sized flogger by grasping the tails

near the handle as opposed to the handle and then execute the swinging motion accordingly from that point.


Some closing thoughts:


My primary purchasing decisions were based on a balance between practicality and function. The floggers that are technically

designed to be more lethal (such as the Glow and the Bull) actually were acquired not to further torment the sub (unless of course

that is what he wants) but rather to allow the Dom to be able to be effective and not have to overly exert himself in the process.

That is specifically why I chose the heavier belting version of the Glow flogger. It is often difficult to go heavy with a flogger that is

designed to be lightweight, such as a suede or elk flogger. However, it is quite easy to be gentle with a flogger that is capable of

producing a more robust effect... as long as the Dom is familiar with the parameters and action of a given piece of equipment.


Furthermore, not everyone is a Master Avery who travels with a large black bag that is loaded with toys many of which are as

pleasing to the eye as to the feel. Also, when one has a well equipped dungeon where items can be permanently housed more

expensive and heavier floggers would be practical. Likewise, for Boundgods presentations filmed in a large staging area, oversized

floggers that are again beautiful to behold are de rigueur. Would that I had my own personal dungeon or were in a Boundgods

production! However, since neither is likely to happen I decided to take a more realistic and utilitarian approach.


As a post script the bullhide flogger noted above from DeTails Toys is my flagship model and will be reserved for special occasions.

Furthermore, given the fact that it has relatively short tails and that it is really the only flogger that is a somewhat on the heavy

side, as such it won't add much weight to my overall cache of toys. Still, at its weight of about 1 pound 6 ounces it weighs slightly

more than all the other items listed above combined.


Additionally, just prior to posting this I double checked the prices on the Leatherbeaten website and there were some price

increases since I purchased my items. They are still good value, but that only makes the prices from DeTails all that more attractive

for their premium but albeit bulkier and heavier items. Consequently, for those who have a dedicated dungeon space and will not

be traveling with their toys, the Details products should be a prime consideration.


Happy shopping... Plus, Xmas is just around the corner...

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Buying a Flogger: Part One


This thread is an addendum to the "Flogging" thread from earlier this year.




The link in the beginning does not work for me; I assume due to forum upgrade(s)....


The link is now: http://www.m4m-forum.org/threads/lets-discuss-flogging.93012/

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