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Jean-Claude Van Damme's stunt: real or fake?


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I have no trouble believing the stunt is real. Van Damme's face is another matter. Though I here tell Mr. Claude has enjoyed spreading those legs for both men and women.

I have never seen a purplekow :)

I hope I never see one ;)

But I can tell you this and how I would rather see than be one :D


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror :eek:

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I'm very dubious ...


from http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/15/real-or-fake-jean-claude-van-damme-pulled-off-a-crazy-stunt-doing-the-splits-with-two-semi-trucks/


"Friends and fans call him “JCVD” or “the muscles from Brussels.” His name is Jean-Claude Van Damme. The action film star from Belgium became famous for executing some impressive on-screen martial arts tricks, like the 360-degree spinning kick compiled by VanDammeFanz.


At 53-years-old,Van Damme doesn’t make the same kind of movies he made in the past, but he’s still in pretty good shape. In fact, he’s still nimble enough to do the splits and that was just what the people at Swedish car maker Volvo needed to promote the new Volvo Dynamic Steering.


In a just-released commercial, Van Damme is seen balancing between two Volvo semis, driving in reverse. According to the company, the commercial was shot in one take. While they needed just one take to capture what Volvo is called “The Epic Split,” but there was considerable preparation before the shoot.


After weeks of planning, the event was set up on a closed airport runway in Spain. Director Andreas Nilsson explained the basics to Van Damme, even allowing the star to drive one of the trucks and experience the precision steering firsthand. And then it was “go time.” Despite claiming that he had never done this kind of a stunt before, JCVD executed the split on the first and only take.


Reading the comments section under the YouTube video, many folks are showering JCVD with praise, but there are those who think the stunt was accomplished using some cinematic trickery. What do you think? Did Jean-Claude Van Damme accomplish this stunt as presented? Might the spot have been filmed with the trucks going forward, but then shown in reverse, as others have speculated?"

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That's nothing new for him.



wait a minute here!....that train is on the other tracks!....cheat!.....I could do that!!.....(except for the splits part...and looking that in-shape)


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Hmmmm, looks more like that commercial was shot with the trucks moving forward and JCVD recovering from a split, not splitting. His stiff upper body and his arms folded across his chest seems to indicate he's wearing a harness and his body is being supported by the harness and not his weight on his legs.... so if's basically a dance move superimposed between two tractors.

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