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Visting Vegas Masseur


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It was 10:00 pm in Las Vegas and I found myself looking for a little companionship or at least a very good massage. I try "companionship" first and try a same day last minute rendezvous with Benjamin Atwood who is currently based in Vegas. I never got to meet Mr. Atwood but I will say this, he had excellent communication, was friendly and tried to accommodate me but the timing didn't work out. Based on the favorable comments in this forum and his communication with me, should the opportunity arise I would not hesitate to try to meet him again.


By the time I figured out things with Mr. Atwood aren't going to work out its 11:00 pm and I try to contact a masseur who is well reviewed on masseurfinder and massagem4m but he tells me "I don't think so ... not tonight". Then I tried a masseur who is equally well reviewed and received a positive review on Daddys ... straight to voice mail. Strike two for masseurs, it was beginning to look like all I had to look forward to was a hot bath and an early night for me. The next person I contacted was this fine fellow http://www.massagem4m.com/ca/temecula/16189/


He responded promptly and politely to my emails and luckily he was staying in a hotel close by. He told me he visits Vegas on a monthly basis and that he will be on the east coast in a few weeks. I will write a review when I get minute but I thought I'd let you all know, he's for real and you can believe the positive reviews on massagem4m. Looking at his pics for some reason I thought he'd be less masculine than I what I usually prefer but I'm happy to say I was wrong. A nice guy and he gives an excellent massage. He is not an escort, however having said that he does do sensual/erotic massage in addition to therapeutic massage. He definitely has boundaries but as long as you're not expecting the full meal deal I can definitely say that you won't be disappointed and that he's worth the visit. Who says you can't get lucky in Vegas?!

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