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USA gay vacation spot, beach preferred, but not necessary?


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OK, I posted (Thank You All Guys!) for suggestions on the Caribbean with a gay nightlife & beaches, amd it seems Puerto Rico is the place there that meets the criteria.


Now, as an alternative, or perhaps even breaking up the stay into 2 separate mini vacations, what city would you recommend (other than Miami or Ft. Lauderdale area) in the USA with a good gay nightlife and preferably warm climate (for summer) if not a beach. Some have told me the St. Pete area/Tampa wasn't bad but am not convinced.


Truly, any insights and suggestions are most appreciated as my travel companion and I are in the process of planning ahead.

Thank you Travelers.

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Water is cold even in June or July, right?





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You can't really beat Montreal for a summer vacation. Very active gay scene. Nice weather. Great food. Plenty of tourist things to do if one is so inclined.


Montreal is beautiful, the people are gerat and the gay scene vibrant. I was there recently and loved it! Thank you.

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You can have some wonderful times in Palm Springs... if you go in the winter, it will be nice and warm, and if you go in the summer it will be HOT...


What is there to do in Palm Springs at night? Seriously, I mean what kind of gay nightlife, or otherwise, is there?

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