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411 on Scruffy Top (Boston)


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So...questions about this guy - reviewed here on Wednesday (11/6).


The review is positive, but pretty short and not all that informative. AND it happens to be a first-time reviewer. Not that that's always a red flag, but...


The info sections lists rentboy as the go-to link, though in the body of the review the guy mentions Men4rent. (Could be on oversight - or could that be sneaky advertising, given that the escort also does advertise there - and also on rentmen?) Also, I googled the phone number and found a credible reference - but the pictures that go with the "real life" guy don't seem to match the escort pics AT ALL. (So I can't tell if it's really the same guy, or maybe a phone number that's shared, or if there's something rotten in Denmark here.)


Rentboy ad:



M4R ad:



Daddy's review page:



Pic I found that seems to go with the phone # but doesn't seem to match the escort pics:



And...the page that pic is located on:



Any thoughts? Any experiences?

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Scruffytop is the real deal. Nice guy with a sexy southern accent. He is a hairy and verbal top who made me feel at ease as soon as we met. No hesitations on my part to see him again. If you see this Scruffy, thanks for the great night and hope to see you soon.


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