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Teach me to bottom


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Good escorts to teach me to bottom?


I wonder if anyone here has recommendations -- experience based is nice! -- for an escort who is a good teacher for a longtime top who wants to learn to bottom -- both better oral and anal skills.


I live in Southern California and am in NYC from time to time.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Lesson 1. (and free of charge, mind you)


Buy a dildo. Buy two. Get one that's small and soft but not squishy. Get another one that's bigger, but not overly so. Make sure it has a suction cup bottom. One day later this week, break them out and play. Clean yourself out first. Use the small one plus your fingers and go to town and enjoy the sensation. If you feel like it, use the bigger one and try some different positions. Take note of how you are able to vary the speed, depth and intensity. Consider that this is a perfect scenario with a partner who can essentially read your mind. Now consider what you would say to a partner who cannot, or how you would change positions and other elements to make it as pleasurable as possible for both of you.


When you're comfortable directing your own pleasure, try it live with another person.

Chris Eisenhower

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