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I don't think the days of the Gaeity or similar places will ever come back in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter. Although I did not live in NYC at the time, I have many fond memories of that place and some of the other bars mentioned by Brettnyc above. Times have changed and the internet, availability of porn and the escort world has changed the scene for ever.

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The Gaeity

View Bar




The Web




slim pickins for strippers and those who love 'em left nowadays


So true I also remember a gogo boy club that working boys would also go to at night called Cats or Catz. Roughly in the area of Stella's. Maybe a 2-4 block walk.


Although not a bar, I remember the Show Palace porn cruising space with male strippers. It was pretty sleazy but could be fun. That must have been in the late 70's or early 80's.

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Walked past where the Gaiety was yesterday. Hadn't noticed before, but you can see the outline of the old steps up to it on the side of the Lunt-Fontanne and there actually is a door up at the top. I'm practically positive that whole building was torn down(where American Eagle is, not the theatre) so there probably is nothing of the Gaiety behind the door, but it is somehow evocative of times gone by.

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