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“Go to My PC” program


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Has anybody used the “Go to My PC” program? Does it work as easily as they claim? Even more importantly, is it secure? Is there a better way to do what Go-to promises?


Usable from a tablet with a left-at-home laptop?


Sounds like a VPN. The difficulty in those is usually in the upfront configuration--getting all the IPs and everything right. Once that's done, they're easy to use.

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my business computer consultant gave this to me to use, works fine when you are on the road and need to access your desktop back in your office, just make sure your desktop is left "on", it doesnt have to be logged in just "on". I don't see any security issues with it unless someone can tap into the internet connection you are using.

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It works pretty well, and it's vastly easier to set up and use than trying to set up your own if you don't have your own IT department!


Security is what it is. You are, because you're using a third party service, sharing your data with a third party service. There have never been any news-worthy security breaches with GoTo but that doesn't mean there never will be. They have a good track record, but that doesn't mean the flaw isn't there ready for exploiting. <shrug> The only way to have absolute security is to unplug the internet forever. Beyond that, it's a series of tradeoffs.

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