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The Nose


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I did get to the MetOpera Live in HD broadcast of Shostakovich's The Nose last Saturday and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's not for those addicted to Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Wagner or even Tschaikovsky but a great afternoon of absurdist theater none the less and exceptionally well sung. Together with the graphics of this particular production, there seemed to be an endless number of ideas to amuse, ponder or both. I wish I were in NYC to have experienced it more than once.

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It's not for those addicted to Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Wagner or even Tschaikovsky...


Sure it is, lol - as long as you're ALSO open to other musical styles. (Who says you can't like all of the above AND Shostakovich?) :)


I made the mistake of waiting too long to try to get tickets, so I missed the live transmission because it was sold out already. But I know PBS will hopefully show it later in the year, and/or that it will be released on DVD. (It should also eventually be available online, on demand, on the Met's website.)


But I did hear the first radio broadcast of The Nose this season, and tried following along with the score - THAT was a trip, lol.


I think the unashamed craziness of the music is wonderfully perfect for the absurdist story - and there really are also some beautiful/touching moments as well. And then there are those complex sections of music that, especially as I'm watching them go by in the score, just astound me that someone so young (Shostakovich was all of 22 at the time!) could have even come up with it all. AND, as a musician, I get that "how the hell does anyone learn all of this" feeling at times too, lol.

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