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Montreal Visit Oct 24/25/26


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Temps have cooled down in Montreal with readings between 50-60 during the day and in the 30's at night. It got down to 30 one night and some snow was predicted but never materialized. I was happy on Sunday when I flew out, they did not have to de-ice the airplane. LOL.



Stock was very quiet from a customer perspective for most the night. There were plenty of dancers so those patrons who were in attendance had their pick of the litter. Great time with MAM and Jo at my table. At one point there was a "biggest balls" competition that I ran with some of the dancers. The winner got a big tip. All the Miami dancers that took up residence at Stock during the summer have all gone back to Miami or other places.


I also went to Campus which was surprisingly busy. Lots of customers and lots of dancers. I spent most of my time there with x-Stock dancer JP. Whilst I didn't really spend any time with any other dancers (although I did briefly speak with Calvin who is also x-Stock), I thought the majority of the guys performing on Thursday were of a pretty high quality. I was pleasantly surprised as my last visits to Campus over the last 2 years were pretty disappointing.




Stock was busier on Friday. It started filling up pretty early. Again, I had another great time spending time with Santiago (from Mexico) and also Thierry (French Canadian). We all drank too much champagne.....and I learned the next day that Thierry got into trouble with his g/f cause he was drunk when he got home. LOL.


Campus was good on Friday night as well although I would say maybe not as busy as it had been on Thursday. Plenty of

hot guys including JP.




I only went to Stock on Saturday. It was their annual Holloween party that night so it was a blast. The bar had been transformed with elaborate decorations. The stage was made to look like a graveyard. All the staff were dressed as zombies or vampires. I understand they had a make-up artist downstairs doing all the makeup designs. Early in the evening, most dancers did their normal dances without any special costumes.....however around midnight, the dancers started to perform decked out in costumes. It was a blast!! Some ghoul, militarywear, one-piece clown and skeleton costumes that even covered the face. I thought that MAM and Alfie had the best costumes.


All in all, a great time in Montreal. I never got to Lux or Taboo so I cannot comment on them. Also, I did not make it to Campus during the daytime so I cannot relate what the daytime dancers were like.


Stock was fun as always. Waiter Dennis gave great service as it always does and the management of the club always give me a friendly welcome.


Finally, I understand that current Campus dancer JP (previously at Stock) will be returning to dance at Stock in 1-2 weeks. It will be great to have him back dancing there.

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Always enjoy your wonderful reviews of one of my favorite cities. Yearning to go, but sadly just getting too cold for me. Come ON Summer!


Glad you enjoyed. It is getting colder now......guess you'll have to wait until May unless you head up there in the next 1-2 weeks before serious winter weather hits.

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I'm having trouble visualizing what "downstairs" means...is there a secret downstairs part to Stock I've never seen :)?


"Downstairs" is where the dancers go to change clothes, eat, shower, work-out (I understand there is some workout equipment down there), etc. I think the dancers all have lockers down there as well. I've never been down there personally but this is what has been described to me. The equivalent area at Campus is up that metal staircase at the back of the bar.

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