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411 on Igor, musclehunk in Los Angeles from Oct 31 on


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This guy also has another ad on rentboy.com showing him in Manhattan - http://www.rentboy.com/ListingPopup.aspx?lid=343630


I guess he is "bi" - bi-coastal, that is.



A Google picture search reveals one of the pictures being used in ads by Patrick Zsolt and friends running in Budapest, Singapore, and Dubai. The ads indicate Patrick and his friends are based in Budapest and are available worldwide. I think this guy has lifted their pictures or is one of the "and friends" who, miraculously, can be in NYC and LA at the same time.

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He was just in NYC and I did see him. Very cute (pix are real), and fun in bed. The one annoying thing was that he said in texts he was up for bottoming and then after showing up (and asking for the money up front) he said he couldn't really bottom much since someone had been too rough on him. Not the first time this has happened from this Eastern European posse - very annoying. I actually wonder if it's someone else manning the phone number and then sending them out on calls. That said, he did end up bottoming (I was slow and gentle) and did just fine.

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