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411 - David visiting DC? Is he for real?


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I am wondering if anybody has had contact with this guy. I tried contacting him a couple of times through the web site that has his ad. No return contact. Figuring that there may be a glitch, I then tried to contact him by text at his listed number. I got a response back that it is a land-line phone. Huh? OK, so I then called the number direct and left a message. Does anybody know this guy? How can he expect to make appointments from a land-line phone? Curiously, he has only two reviews and they are both 1.5 years old. A guy who looks like that doesn't have any more recent reviews? Makes me suspicious. I have heard that some guys don't really have services to offer and advertise on the site solely to promote their pics which cost to view. He might be one of them. Too bad because he looks hot as hell.

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Well then, I guess the guy is a fraud. Doesn't pay to post a review there because it probably will not get posted. But at least whoever checks here will be forewarned.


Yeah, MassageM4M seems to do that - there have been more than a few masseurs with abundant private photos and videos for viewing at a price, but never return calls or emails. They're merely there to seed the site, it seems, to provide additional income to MassageM4M... which is why I no longer use them as much as Masseurfinder.com

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In FTL at least, Masseurfinders seems to have an edge. More masseurs and more my type. I have given up on M4M for now.

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Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things,

the divine beauty of the universe.

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I used the support function to contact the web site about this masseur. I pretty much copied my posting from this thread and sent it to them. Below is the response I got. Pretty lame if you ask me.


Good afternoon,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that this masseur is not responding to your inquiries. I made a note on his account. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to compel him to respond. I am not sure why he would not respond, but if that is the case he is probably not a masseur that is worth doing business with; especially with all the other great, responsive masseurs that we have.

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