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Remember this stuff?


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When was that recorded? I'm wondering how long its been to where we are today (a much better place of course).


Not all THAT much better. Family Research Council is still out there and as virulent as ever. Their current goon is egging on some radio blowhard that wants to file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality. (No i'm not kidding.)

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You also have the NOM's Brown traveling to Russia to support the anti-gay law crusade currently underway over there.

The US should pull his passport for interfering in foreign affairs.


I've seen some reports that DOJ is looking into pressing charges. It actually IS illegal for a private citizen to interfere with affairs of state in a foreign country.


I don't see anything coming of it, though. They haven't prosecuted in the past when people like Gingrich and Pat Buchanan have done the same thing (or been even more involved). But can't you just hear the screeching about RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION now?

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