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A DC Weekend Question -- Help Me Out Here Guys


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I'm trying to gather a bit of information from guys who are or might be interested in attending the DC weekend. One thing I would like to find out about is accommodations. Obviously some guys will be attending Mid Atlantic Leather weekend. Others won't. But still might like to pop in there occasionally, just to look at the exhibits or other events. MAL is at the Hyatt Regency. If you are not comfortable with the leather scene, if you are not comfortable with more overt sexuality (doors being left propped open for you to wander in and join in), it might not be some place you want to spend the entire weekend. There is a wonderful hotel a block away where quite a few of us stayed last year. The Hotel George, a Kimpton Hotel. They treated us like kings. Like any Kimpton does. Its an easy walk to MAL but away from some of the madness.


I've heard from a couple of forum members who want to attend that they would be interested in staying at a place like the George, away from MAL but nearby. The question is, are there others who might be interested in staying there. Is there enough interest for me to call Kimpton group sales to see if we could get a small group of rooms and get a discount? As it is now, the George is already about $45/night less than the Hyatt. A group rate would be even less. We'd need at least 10 rooms. So I need to know if there is enough interest.


Either answer here or PM me if you are interested. Thanks guys.





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